Austin is a dedicated and engaging instructor with 12 years' experience teaching guitar and piano. He has taught students of all ages and experience levels. His students regularly perform in public and some have gone on to study at the university level. 

Contact Austin by phone at 610 883 3792 or by email at flinn.austin@gmail.com to inquire about private lesson availability.


Austin believes in a "music first" axiom where, through learning the rudiments and theory of music as applied to the instrument, one will eventually be able to learn any piece, song, or concept with relative ease and self sufficiency. 

This stems from the experience Austin had with his own music instructors, who instilled in him a value for true musical understanding and appreciation. Whether students are learning classical music or hard rock, everything they study can benefit from building and maintaining strong fundamentals.

While this is certainly not the "quick and easy" way, Austin's students have exhibited superior long-term technical and theoretical retention and are better equipped to function in various musical settings. 


"Austin is a great teacher, a talented guitarist and a really nice guy! He taught both electric and acoustic guitar to three of our sons over a period of 8 years...We all highly recommend him if you are looking for a great guitar teacher!" -L.K.

"Austin was recommended to us by my older son's friend when my son wanted to learn guitar. He was a wonderful teacher. He not only taught my son how to play, but helped him learn songs that interested him. So, when my other children wanted to learn piano, Austin was the obvious choice. Daniel has become an accomplished piano player at the age of 11. Austin has been teaching him for almost 3 years now. Daniel can play many classical pieces and also some pop songs that he wanted to learn. Austin is patient and encourages students to reach their potential. Austin also taught Daniel's younger sister who is 7 and on her way to following in her brother's footsteps." -A.C.

"Austin was an extremely competent and professional instructor. He instructed my eldest daughter on acoustic guitar for 18 months, prior to her entrance into a performing arts high school program. The instructors at the school were extremely impressed with the skills that she had learned under Austin's guidance." -J.B.